Do you see the world in a grain of sand?

Hello stranger!

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Slavi and I am a fist year PhD student at Imperial College London. I am a scientist, fencer and an occasional mean cook. My professional interests are in science in general and environmental policy and technology in particular. I’ve started this blog as a way to, let’s be honest, mostly rant about, ideally share ideas with, other people in and around the environmental field. My particular passion and the point of view from which I approach my research is the so-called „bright green“ movement which emphasises the possibilities and opportunities that are out there to mitigate and adapt to climate change rather than the general “doom-and gloom” outlook that seems to be prefered by the media. Rather than being daunted, I chose to be inspired by the complex systems that have made this one small and fragile planet into such a fascinating place.
In situ hybridisation stain of a Zebrafish retina.
As any scientist knows, it’s only good practice to be explicit about the assumptions that one is making when creating an argument (or experiment) for a certain cause. The fundamental assumption of this blog is that man-made climate change has enough of an evidence base to be considered as fact. No more, no less. If you disagree with this statement, than I suggest you make your argument in some other space of the blogosphere.
Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by the, often baffling, complexities that nature holds. Even such fundamental structures, such as this Zebrafish retina (see image), are staggeringly elaborate and as a result strikingly beautiful. It is only natural to feel humbled by these mysterious and seemingly incomprehensible structures and trying to deal with even bigger systems, such as the world’s climate, seems like an impossible task. If you, like me, enjoy overcoming seeming impossibilities and see challenges as opportunities, than welcome and thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, I will get to know more of you as time progresses and this blog (hopefully!) gets bigger and better.

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One Response to Do you see the world in a grain of sand?

  1. I am also baffled by the complexities in nature. My PhD work means that I am dealing with cancer, and the complexity of how this disease progresses is truly baffling, and this also seems like an impossible task. I’m very much of the mind that insights and understandings can come from very different fields, so I look forward to your musings relative to your complex system of interest!

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